Thursday, October 23, 2014

5 Safe and Stylish Travel Cribs

For trips to Grandma's or family vacations, it's nice to have a travel crib. These new models take up less space than a hotel crib, could be safer than your relative's hand-me-down, and may have uses back home too.
5 Safe and Stylish Travel Cribs

Soft Spot

Lillebaby's EuroTote unfolds to become a travel bed; also use it as a stroller cover or a European-style carrier ($120;

5 Safe and Stylish Travel Cribs

Great Outdoors
Phil & Teds' T2 Travel Cot is a nifty little pop-upcrib and also an outdoor playpen with a UV shade cover ($150;

5 Safe and Stylish Travel Cribs

Full of Hot Air

An instant lightweight crib! BTVco's AirCrib mattress self-inflates; blow or use a hand pump to fill the rest ($100;

5 Safe and Stylish Travel Cribs


Korbie's All-in-One Baby Bag changes from a diaper bag to a bassinet to a changing table, making outings much easier ($150;

5 Safe and Stylish Travel Cribs

In a Jiffy

Baby Bjorn's Travel Crib Light unfolds in less than a minute, is machine washable, and weighs only 11 pounds ($250;

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

When Matrimony Meets Maternity

Maternity dress for weddings

By Lauren Hill

Shopping for a bridesmaid dress can be stressful when you’re not expecting.
When matrimony meets maternity?
Panic is pretty much guaranteed to set in.
Before images of ill-fitting taffeta monstrosities dance through your brain, breathe a sigh of relief. Several bridal designers have come to the rescue with beautiful bump-friendly options ideal for any stage of pregnancy.
With a little guidance from Erin Casey Wolf, co-owner of Bella Bridesmaids and an expert on bridal maternity wear (she rocked Amsale while 8 ½ months pregnant), you can waddle down the aisle in style by paying attention to these four things:
Style: A flowy silhouette and fabric drapes beautifully over a baby belly. Look for an empire waist with a forgiving skirt, especially if you’ll be 6+ months pregnant or just recently delivered.
Sizing: Remember that you can always take a dress in, but it’s stressful and more expensive to let it out. Wolf suggests ordering:
–       1 to 2 sizes up if you’ll be walking down the aisle during your first trimester
–       2 to 3 sizes up during the second
–       3 to 4 sizes up (or a true maternity style) for the third trimester
Timing: Bridesmaid dresses that are made to order take about 12 to 18 weeks. Ordering early and being generous with the size affords you time and room to alter the dress appropriately.
Accessories: To balance out your growing bump, pair the bride’s gown of choice with a chunky statement necklace.
Now that that’s settled, you can turn your focus to more important things…like what you’ll wear to the bachelorette party.

Source: 9Bliss

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

4 Things That Will Last 40 Weeks

Pregnancy wardrobe

By Jana Seitzer

As your ever-changing pregnant belly grows during your nine months of pregnancy, you’ll need an ever-changing wardrobe to accommodate it. Here are a few staple items to get you through the various stages of your pregnancy.
1. BellaBand by Ingrid & Isabel
The BellaBand is a maternity band designed to hold up unbuttoned waistbands, loose maternity wear that you haven’t yet filled out, clothing that slips down around your third-trimester belly, and post-partum clothing that doesn’t quite fit right yet.
2. Maternity Yoga Pants
A pair of maternity yoga pants with a foldover waistband will last you through most of your pregnancy and post-partum days. Great for workouts, loungewear, and pajamas, maternity yoga pants such as the GapFit gBalance Pants will be the perfect addition to your maternity wardrobe.
3. Maternity Jersey-Stretch Tamis
Great for layering or by themselves, in any season, you’ll want a few Maternity Jersey Stretch Tamis. They are comfy day or night.
4. Long-Sleeved Maternity Top
Liz Lange Long-Sleeved Maternity Tops are versatile, stylish, and fit any budget. Available in a variety of colors, these cotton tops are made with just a bit of spandex for a comfortable fit and stretch.

Source: 9 Bliss